Rushworth, Victoria

Rushworth, Victoria

Rushworth was established during the Victorian gold rush in 1853. It was named by poet and later local Goldfields Commissioner Richard Henry Horne in 1854. Its post office opened on 16 September 1857.

The goldfields became no longer viable due to the underground water table and were closed during the gold rush. However, a small new mine is being opened.

Rushworth is located 181 km north of Melbourne via the Hume Freeway and Goulburn Valley Highway. It is 145 m above sea-level. 

Rushworth State Forest

Rushworth State Forest is a 33,000ha reserve south of Rushworth which consists of red gum, red ironbark, red stringybark, yellow gum and grey box eucalypts, mallee used for eucalypt production and, in spring, wildflowers and orchids. Today the forest fauna includes over 100 bird species, echidna, possums, kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos. It is excellent for bushwalking although, extensively scoured for gold in the 19th century, it still attracts optimistic gold fossickers. 

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